Fractional CPTO/CTO

What is a Fractional CPTO and why would you use one?

A fractional (or part-time) CTO is an experienced product & technology executive who works with your company on a flexible basis. They provide a cost-effective arrangement that allows you to access technical knowledge and leadership (they act as a member of your executive team) without the financial commitment of a full-time CTO.

Most commonly, you may choose to use the services of a Fractional CTO when the scale or stage of your business doesn’t justify hiring an experienced full-time CTO, such as start-ups, scale-ups or SMEs.

CTO, CPTO, what’s the difference?

A CPTO (Chief Product & Technology Officer) is able to support you with your product strategy and management as well as the technology side of things. At Pragmatic Partners we are able to provide both types of engagement, depending on your need.

What can a Fractional CTO help with?

An experienced C(P)TO will have a wide range of areas they’ll be able to support you with, such as:

  • Product & technology strategy
  • Delivery management
  • Leadership development & coaching
  • Team leadership
  • Organisational design
  • Hiring strategy & process
  • Product & engineering best practices
  • Technology budgeting and cost optimisation
  • Data & CRM
  • Cyber security & data policy
  • Supplier selection and management
  • Investor readiness & relations
  • Board & stakeholder communication

How often might I engage with a fractional CTO and how much will it cost?

The benefit of using a fractional CTO is this can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. It can range from a few hours a month to a 1-2 days a week, and for a specific one-off project or a longer term engagement.

The cost is typically tailored to the engagement, but it should always be significantly more cost effective than hiring an experienced full-time CTO. Please get in touch for an up to date rate card.

Why Pragmatic Partners?

We have many years of product & technology leadership experience across a wide range of industries, in anything from early stage start-ups and scale-ups to major organisations, and lead team sizes ranging from 4 to 200.

…and we’re pragmatic. Experience show’s you there’s never a one-size-fits-all solution. Our emphasis is on practical, cost-effective solutions, based on your context and tailored to your needs.

Our mission is to leave you in a sustainable position, where you’ll always be in a better situation, regardless of how long the engagement lasts.